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Making Waiting less stressful- For a whole year!

Lumigan Eye Gtts, We started our activities in the Waiting Room for JJB I at the Sewa Kutir complex on 10th October,2011. What started as an endeavor to start interacting with juveniles in conflict with law on a regular basis, has now grown into a full fledged volunteerism programme in itself. Over the year, 40mg Lumigan Eye Gtts, we have had several volunteers work with us as part of the project, interacting with many boys from different observation homes who come for their hearings. Lumigan Eye Gtts us, We initiated the programme by taking over a new space and converting that into the Waiting Room, where the boys are brought from their original kharja cells. Once here, the volunteers engage them in various different kinds of constructive activity, 500mg Lumigan Eye Gtts, while lending them a patient ear and informally counseling them toward a better future.

What was once a barren unused room has now been transformed into a space the boys really look forward to coming to after being here once. Lumigan Eye Gtts japan, Bhanu, who has been overseeing the Waiting Room activities for the past 6 months, has some amazing stories to tell about the boys. Click here for her blog.

To volunteer, Lumigan Eye Gtts australia, mail us at

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