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THE MASSACRE OF SANITYpicture from Tehelka

Mature Retin A, What makes man different from other animals is his gift of wisdom which makes him superior to other animals. It is by the proper utilization of this wisdom and sense that the so called 'civilizations' happen. Civilization is an advanced stage or system of human social development. Any development sans social wellbeing cannot be term as civilization.

The sad thing is the makers of civilizations are also responsible for its destruction. By destruction of civilization I mean the irresponsible acts of citizens towards other citizens or a way of life without value systems acceptable to humanity, Mature Retin A.

India is a victim of such irresponsible behavior of citizens; our history is replete with injustices- one after another. The most prominent manifestation of injustice is in the arena of the so called minorities and gender. Mature Retin A uk, Among the various minority communities Muslim and Christian are the worst hit of the communal politics in total disregard to the democratic values of liberty, equality and fraternity. Next is injustice done to the female sex in the form of discrimination, harassment, atrocities, rape/molestation etc. Mature Retin A, that sometime take the extreme form such as murder or honour killing.

Daily news both print and electronic is galore with justice denied to these groups of society. Every day newspapers contain news of atrocities towards women and girls in one form or the other, 150mg Mature Retin A. The North East India known as the better part of India in terms of gender based violence is not immune to it either. The recent molestation case in Guwahati committed by the mindless and heartless male group to the hapless girl raised the question, Are girls safe in their own home. Lots of hue and cry is raised against the kind of treatment meted out to the north eastern people in the capital city and other parts of India, but is the north east a better place, Mature Retin A. There I called it discrimination among the discriminated.

Democracy in the absence of its core values – liberty, equality and fraternity is fascism or Nazism in democracy -like wolves dressed as sheep. Mature Retin A usa, Fascism is the closest cousin of fundamentalism posing threat to secularism and ultimately to national integrity. India has witnessed the rise of fundamentalism that undermines democratic values and principles, accompanied by hatred and violence. Mature Retin A, The base of violence is hatred nurtured in one’s mind, that mind is devoid of the human value system. The irony is that some sections of Indian society wanted to make India a Hindu nation in spite of the fact that it is composed of different religions and communities. There is always the danger of secularism taking the back seat and fundamentalism getting free run.

The massacre of sanity, ironically, is partly the handiwork of some  politicians who with their vested interest incite, 30mg Mature Retin A, encourage, and abet the undemocratic methods  to satisfy their greed. Sadly innocent citizens are the ones who bear the brunt. The obvious example can be seen from the present situation in Assam where around 75 people succumbed to the horror of the ethnic conflict and hundreds of houses reduced to ashes and thousand rendered homeless, Mature Retin A.

Conflicts, which are more ethnic, are a regular phenomenon in the North East. 100mg Mature Retin A, Therefore the government of India needs to put in place a complete institutional mechanism to ascertain the root causes of this situation in the North East and how to root out these causes or else this will continue unabated to the extent where India will pay a heavy price.

I would like to end by saying that if the government is really serious and genuine all these problems are manageable or avoidable. But it will be a utopian dream to wait on the government for every problem. Rather the people should realize the futility of conflicts and desire for peaceful coexistence and strive for it.

- Hejang Misao.

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  1. The quick response both from the civil societies and the government in bringing normalization to the situation arising out of the Assam conflict is highly plausible. But the work should not end here, we must sustain the efforts so that the recurrence of unsavoury incidence like before is avoided at all cost.