Finding me- A search for Self, a search for Identity

 We are young, caught in our dilemmas, navigating through tricky paths only to arrive at crossroads.

There’s so much to do, yet we need to make choices.
At the end of the day, who am I even looking at in the mirror?
Who is my true “self”?
Exploring the endless journey of finding our selves, the play explores
through everyday scenarios, music and movement, the identity crises that
young people everywhere face!
What is it that finally ties us all together?
With a cast comprising of 18 young performers from starkly different
backgrounds and a group of semi-professional musicians, the Tehelka
Foundation presents “Finding me” – the outcome of a two month
workshop process that explores issues young people in India face, and the
journey of their empowerment.
Script and Direction: The Tehelka Foundation & the Yuva Ekta group
Music: Anubhuti Sharma + SCORE(Krishna Rao, Samson Ezekiel, Bhanu
Sharma, Richa Mukerjee, Radhika Saxena, Subhadra Kamath)
Choreography: Gilles Chuyen
Special thanks to Dilip Shankar and the Center for Creative Expression,
Lucius and Bluebells School International and the Salaam Baalak Trust.