The Foundation

The Tehelka Foundation is a not for profit Trust that has been working with youth for the past six years on issues of Governance and Social Justice, inspiring them to become Agents of social change. Through workshops, conferences, street plays and youth festivals, we build bridges between marginalized youth and those from mainstream society. Empowering them to become Active Citizens.

The Vision is one of social equity. The Foundation has created platforms that bring together marginalized youth with the privileged, through a range of projects. With the core intent as Empowerment, the projects impart a sense of Dignity and Self Respect to each participant, be it  juveniles in conflict with law, runaway street children or jaded, well-heeled youth. Through its various programs, the Foundation has bridged gaps between people from entirely different worlds and enabled them to explore what it means to be human, together! The Tehelka Foundation is now ready to expand its resource base, both in terms of human and financial capital. Projects need to scale up and in keeping with our earlier history we are  reaching out to you, as fellow Indians to join forces with us. The Foundation is looking for young people with idealism and passion whom it can train for a minimum of 6 months as interns and absorb into its projects. It seeks to create a Youth network of volunteers across the country that will blaze new trails in development, carrying forth Tehelka’s energy of courage and fearlessness.
You have made it possible for Tehelka to be reborn.
Now come be part of the Foundation you have helped create. Nurture it and grow with it.
We need you. We need your dreams.
Lets build a new India together, an India that has a place for us all.

10 Responses to The Foundation

  1. Kumar. j. Krishnasamy

    Welcome your effort and yeoman service to the humanity. I am with you in your efforts to bring about Social Equity and Justice and your mission with Youth as Agents of Social Change. May our dreams come true and efforts bear fruits.

  2. Interested in tehelka work and Keep in touch with the tehelkafoundation various projects: Thanks;
    Dr R B Thakare

  3. It is a positive step to bring the youth together for a social cause.kudos to tehelka foundation for initiating such a beautiful n innovative idea for educating youth n preparig them for a new society minus corruption, violence n all negative traits.i am interested to join the foundation n do something for the society…

  4. I want to bring young people from Northeast india in Tehalka foundation’s network and make them active citizen.

    • Dear Maitrayee,
      It would’ve been great to see you at the Youth Consultation. We would love to expand our projects to the North East if we find the opportunity and the sponsors. Otherwise if you could just write about your experiences working with IGSSS and share it on the website it would be brilliant.
      Warm regards,

  5. Gr8 work. Like to get associated and bring activity in Gujarat. I am Founder & Managing Trustee of an NGO Vikas Trust

  6. Why is the Advisory Board link taking is to the Alliances page (in About Us)? Are you trying to hide the Advisory Board page for some reason?

    • Dear Adam,
      There are changes being made to the advisory board. Information on the new board as well as the Committee for Sexual Harassment will be released next week! Thanks for checking on us!


  7. Dear Dr.Thakare,
    Thank you for writing in to us.
    What kind of work would you be interested in involving yourself with?Also what are you doing currently and where exactly do you put up?
    Do let me know how much time you’ll be able to put into voulnteering for us.
    Warm Regards

  8. Dear Brij Bhushan Ji,

    Thank you! We’ve repeatedly seen how much power the youth possesses in its recesses, we only endeavor to channelize this energy and give it some direction.

    We’d be very happy to have you contribute to the Foundation’s work. If you could tell us what kind of work you’ve been involved in so far we’d be able to understand better how we can utilise your skills.