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Who on earth would like to see his/her motherland broken into pieces. There are some of us Indians, who do.

Some people will be surprised to hear this - especially those who claimed to be  first class Indians. The partition of India into two countries – the present India and Pakistan in 1947- was welcomed by the people with mixed responses -  celebration and bloodbath. The fact is those who celebrated with joy and those who responded with bloodshed both claimed to be the diehard lovers of the motherland. Let God alone be the judge which of these groups is the real Indian or patriot.The pathetic thing is people with one lifestyle, culture or food habit, common language and peoplewho once shared one fraternity is now divided eternally by a small line drawn not by the deity but by man .Families were divided for life, Retin A And Wrinkles. Father and son, mother and daughter, husband and wife, Retin A And Wrinkles usa, brother and sister cannot come together as one, just because of one person who drew that boundary line. Stepping into one side of the drawn line could land one into the dungeon. The question is who is responsible for this worst form of calamity. The British. Retin A And Wrinkles, The Congress. Or the Muslim League. Gandhi, Jinnah or Nehru.

God forbid I become one of the factors for the second partition. What makes this second partition so painful is that it is not the doing of someone from without but from within, 200mg Retin A And Wrinkles. The roots can be traced to those who considered themselves first class Indians and others second class on a communal line, Retin A And Wrinkles. The psychological ostracism of the lesser group of Indians through different means and methods accelerated the pace of the second partition. The fact is these self acclaimed first class Indians are also the majority in terms of religion or region. Fortunately
the constitution of India provides such a safeguard measures to those minorities so that they have access to their rights and enjoy justice, but unfortunately our democracy is based on numbers and the minority has not much say in the democratic set up that aggravated their fate and situation. Real justice is at the mercy of the majority. Retin A And Wrinkles, The first partition separated families physically but united at heart, whereas in the second partition they are physically together but emotionally and psychologically separated which is worse and poses a greater threat to our national integrity.

Interestingly communal forces are very active and strong in every sector and system. The disheartening thing in our country is a person is considered Indian based on his religion, region etc rather than his blood. Retin A And Wrinkles craiglist, Many true Indians are at the receiving end not because of their blood but because of their religion, region and their birth. The notion of Unity in Diversity is once again proved to be a mere concept when people from the north east are bullied, intimidated and asked
to leave some of the major cities of India. The mass exodus of the north eastern people from those cities speak volume that India still needs to go a thousand miles even after its 65 th independence to fully realize Independence or Unity in Diversity, Retin A And Wrinkles.

Ultimately the question is-  is land more important than the person. If the north eastern region is considered as part of India why there is the concept called mainland India. Does it mean that other parts are not mainland. Are they just the sideland or land that is not important. Retin A And Wrinkles, If we considered the NE region as an integral part of India why not the people who are living in it.

I doubt how many will opt to remain in India if plebiscite is an option. We still have a chance to rebuild our nation by undoing the damages that are deliberately done, 150mg Retin A And Wrinkles. It should be with the values of ‘One India, One nation’ irrespective of caste, religion, language, colour, appearance and region. It can only be achieved when everybody takes the responsibility to value each citizen equally by changing our traditional and communal embedded mindset. Everyone should look from the perspective of humanity and not from his religious, economic, regional and points of view then only we will achieve UNITY IN DIVERSITY, Retin A And Wrinkles.
Long live India. 100mg Retin A And Wrinkles, - Hejang Misao
(Hejang is an MSW from BOSCO Insitute, Assam. A social worker, he working in the DKA-Austrian project, coordinating with NGOs in the North East region. He enjoys writing and music!).

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4 Responses to Retin A And Wrinkles

  1. Nice to read such a writing on patriotism. The term 2nd Partition is vividly defined, liked it alot!

  2. Baite LB no stone should be left unturned to undo this 2nd partition. The communal forces are still at work therefore we must stand together to withstand this diabolical design of few people so that our Indian fabric is intact at all cost.

  3. Well done bro! The true spirit of Unity in Diversity appears to be a mere phrase in the minds of most Indians till today even after six decades of independence. Hope your article serve the purpose to atleast in the minds of one such Indians. Keep it up!
    Paolen, Hyderabad.

  4. Thangboi Touthang

    It is indeed true that India is divided on the self claimed aristocracy of first and second class citizens. One should be look not from the position he holds but by his birth as true citizen. My dream is to see India as one nation in the midst of cultural diversity. There is nobody called better Indian. Everyone is equally important.